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It's one of the products that will be sold out constantly

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That's it to the point and lastly, alchemy is a potent source of gold potential because not only can every class and type of all levels make use of your products, but you can make money from people's troubles with wiping and raids. You want people to wipe and want to create difficult raid content, because wiping more often, the more they're going to have to purchase your tasty powerful potions.
There is no doubt that flasks similar in design to enchant in the product you'll be selling are pretty obvious. flask of attack power or flasks with spellpower or even stamina flasks but there is a tiny chance of luck when conducting your alchemy research If you're hoping to find that potion of speed faster rather than later.
Since it's one of the products that will be sold out constantly. You'll definitely need access to an herbalist with Alchemy But there isn't any decrease in the gold-making potential in this. Actually when the game moves forward, and the raids become more difficult, the quantity of consumables required go up as do the chances of selling the items.
There will be an era when there are so many alchemists that everyone is undercutting each other on items like potions or speed mentioned already, but I think he's extremely profitable through the whole expansion. Transmuting is, of course, an extremely profitable passive source of income too. When epic gems are launched, it becomes even more profitable.
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